The Legend in Badminton

Kawasaki, the international Japanese brand was founded in Japan in 1896. Besides their legendary automotive presence,  Kawasaki is also present and well known in industries such as aerospace, heavy industry, motorcycle, marine, transportation and more.

Kawasaki Sports industry was founded separately in 1915, growing to become one of the world’s leading sports brands especially in Badminton. In 2002, Shenzhen Chuanqi Sports Co., Ltd from China acquired the Kawasaki Sporting Goods trademark in the Asia-Pacific region investing further into research and development besides new production facilities that exceed international standards. Now, Kawasaki not only deals with all Badminton related products including Badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, sportswear, professional sports shoes, accessories and bags but also sports products for Tennis, Swimming and more.

Continuing this dedicated focus, Kawasaki Sports joined hands with international badminton legend and super coach Li Mao (who has trained ace player like Lee Chong Wei) to collaborate as Kawasaki’s global Badminton consultant. In March of 2013, Kawasaki International Badminton Club was established in Malaysia and in 2014, Kawasaki Badminton Club moved to Shenzhen, China.

Now, Kawasaki Sports has entered the Indian subcontinent with New Vision Distributors Pvt Ltd to capitalize the growing sports market and help promote Badminton in India. Our products are already available all over India and so far, we have opened three exclusive Kawasaki stores and are opening more in the coming months. We are always looking forward to work with more retailers and sports academies for potential synergies.

Milestones in Kawasaki Sports History


KAWASAKI was founded by Kawasaki Taro in Tokyo, Japan


The establishment of KAWASAKI overseas agents in Singapore, Denmark and Switzerland


The establishment of Kawasaki racket factory and production system, started to produce wooden racket


The establishment of Taiwan company. The production output of wooden racket  reached 100,000 PCS, and aluminum racket 30,000 PCS monthly.


The establishment of international Kawasaki racket company in Korea, production output of wooden racket every month 30,000 PCS


The development of the world first carbon tennis racket RULER,  marked the migration of the whole industry into the carbon racket era.


The establishment of Kawasaki in Shenzhen, China


The establishment of Kawasaki Badminton Club in Malaysia (KBC)


KBC moved  to Ping Shan Sports Center in Shenzhen, China


The first “The Battle of Kings” badminton game launched.


The First tournament of “Super Badminton Hero” launched, marking the entry of the sports internet era


Kawasaki Fusion: overall transformation of Kawasaki Sports Brand

Continued Focus on Research & Development

Kawasaki Sport has always invested in innovation, developing new technology and breakthroughs that make Kawasaki Badminton and Kawasaki Sports products a class of its own. It is this focus that has helped Kawasaki constantly introduce to the world a stellar range of premium sporting goods that’s favored by both professional sports stars and badminton fans alike.

Customer and People First Mantra

Kawasaki Sports’ mission of “customers first with staff development = company growth and a prosperous nation” is something that we take seriously. Adopting standardized and scientific management systems in the brand’s development strategy, Kawasaki has created professional management teams for technology, sales and operations that provides a solid foundation for Kawasaki’s continued growth and long-term development stability.