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Kawasaki Sports India is actively looking for potential partners all over India. We carefully select our retail and distribution partners believing that partnerships must be mutually beneficial, drawing on each partners’ strengths for an overall commercial gain while also actively promoting the continued growth of Badminton in India.

Kawasaki builds effective relationships with all partners recognizing that these are the bedrock of a lasting impact. On a regular basis, all partners can count on Kawasaki Sports to follow through on its commitments, both small and large.

At the same time, Kawasaki Sports expects trust and investment in the relationships in return to ensure a win-win deal.

Kawasaki Sports encourages your business, large or small, to join our rapidly growing presence in India and benefit with us! Support our sporting mission of encouraging Badminton and making an impact in the lives of India’s sporting talent, while simultaneously reaching out to thousands of new potential Badminton consumers all over India.

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